I am a 2D artist with lots of experience on  productions ranging from mobile games to tv animation! I am based in Burbank, ca.
Character design is my specialty and I love working in many different styles. I’m an expert at character concepts, turnarounds, posing, expressions, and color design. I'm also an experienced animator and animation supervisor.
I've worked at studios such as Bentobox, titmouse, disney TV animation, and nickelodeon games. some shows I've worked on include "the Midnight GOspel", "star trek: lower decks", "fairfax", "hailey's on it", and "the great north"

When not working I chase my kids, try to play some video games, listen to music, and watch movies/tv of course. Hike, bike, swim, and never get enough sleep.
please message me for my availability or my production portfolio password.

Thanks for looking!


Email me!
Thank you! I'll get back to you soon! -Mike
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